Tutor Spotlight

Each month, EORO features one of the many incredible tutors that makes our mission and vision possible.




Melissa Wilson














Name: Melissa Wilson  

Occupation: none; lots of small stuff and volunteering

City you reside in: San Mateo

Year started working with EORO: Not sure. 5 years, maybe?


Any current projects/productions/shows you are currently working on that you would like to share?


Nope - other than taking a class titled Principles and Procedures of the Justice System at College of San Mateo.


How did you get involved in tutoring?


I read an article about EORO in the San Jose Mercury News. I kept that clipping for 4 years until I could start volunteering here. I used to be a high school teacher so it was a good fit.   


What made you decide to volunteer with EORO?


When I was in high school, I was the “youth representative” for the Santa Clara County Juvenile Justice Commission. I had the unusual experience, especially as a juvenile myself, to go into county facilities that served children. Visiting San Jose's equivalent to Hillcrest continues to guide my heart and mind.


What keeps you coming back? 


It makes me feel great. I enjoy working the students, the other tutors, and the EORO staff. This is a volunteer activity with no downside!

I also believe that county-provided programming cannot adequately provide for the students’ needs. I want to contribute. 


Why do you think this work is important?


Connection. I want the kids to know we are present with them, and are there to help them to get the information and skills they need to create futures that expand rather than contract. I have to hope that the small moments we share together accumulate and expand what each student believes is possible. 


Any final thoughts or motivational words for our youth?


You are not what you’ve done in the past, what has been done to you, or the circumstances that you find yourself in now. You are much bigger and more significant.