The Volcano that Erupts (2010)


A Play by Cesia

CHARACTERS: Stubborn, the Volcano Female, 16 eruptions years old Perfect, The Sun 54 degrees years old


There is a lot of trees.  There is a bunch of volcanoes. It is hot and gloomy, quiet and very large. The air is very thick and gloomy because of the heat.  The island’s very fresh and is a calming place. It is very bright.


TIME: 3:00pm in the afternoon on a hot bright sunny day at 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.


Perfect, the Sun, is rising to set and is placed above Stubborn.





Baby, get up. Stop being lazy!



OMG! Ma, leave me alone. I’ll get up in a puff!



No! You always say you’re going to wake up but you don’t!



UGGHHH! (steaming) Mom I am really getting tired of you! You’re so 




Excuse me! Who are you talking to me like that?!



I’m talking to you madre. You just are always over my hole. Don’t

even give me time to let out my steam.



Mija! I just want you to get up to go to school.



Ma I said I’ll get up in a PUFF!



Oh my god. I hate tat I always have to wake you up. What if I’m not


here one day? What you going to do then? Lose your education

Because of your poor decisions?



Mom, I don’t think I need school.  I think I’m mature enough to be on


my own. Get a job and not be bossed around by you!



(She begins to cry)



Mom, you always cry so you make people feel bad for you!



Stubborn, I’m just trying to be a good mom and look out for someone

I care for.



Mom, I know you love and care about me but you just need to let me

be on my own and understand that I’m not your little mountain




But as a responsible sun, I have to take care of you and show the

steps in life and to be safe.



What about being safe? You don’t think I’m safe?



Of course not. You’re not going to school, burning your life away,

hanging around the wrong crowd.



Okay, Who?




MMMMMM…the raggedy tree that lives in the middle of the island.




Okay. What don’t you like about him?




Because he’s a bad influence, roots all hanging out, branches all






You’re always judging my friends pointing out their flaws like you do

to me. (Getting angry)




I’ve been your age and I know what goes around when you start

hanging around with the ‘cool’ trees.




(She’s quiet.)




And it’s not pretty. Because you think that they’re your friends but

when something goes down they’re not going to be the one that’s

gonna be besides you. They’re probably going to leave you.  And just

leave you and just leave you with all the trouble.




Why are you always telling me what to do?  And you wonder why I

act  the way I act?  Because you always butt in my business.




What do you mean butting in your business?  Your business is my

Business. And what you’re doing with your life is my business, So

don’t be coming at me like that.




(Getting extremely angry) Whatever Mom! Don’t start making this 

about you. You don’t understand how it is to be me.  You’ve never 

been where I’ve been.




(Starts crying again) Oh I’ve been where you’ve been?




No you haven’t! You don’t understand pressure. Stress. Hurt, or


feeling guilty and feeling that nobody cares. Or, the feeling of the

absence of dad. Basically, Mom I just feel ike crap. I’m not happy with

myself and the way I’m living. And feeling the need to depend on

raggedy boy trees to feel good about myself. I don’t feel I have that

family support I’ve always wanted. I’m exhausted from always

arguing with you. This has been going for so long that I’m getting to

the point where I’m fed up and I just wanna leave. We argue like 24

hours a day.  It causes me to erupt so much I’m hurting myself to the

point where I’m getting sick. I’m afraid that if I stay with you I’m gonna

end up being a burnt, dead mountain.




I’ve never knew that you felt like this. I feel so much hurt and guilt

about you feeling this way until now. I’m just so stuck in the past of

you being my little mountain.  I’m just being overprotective and care

about you. (Pleading with her daughter) Please don’t go.

(Stubborn begins to bubble inside and the lave flows much more

smoothly. Flowers and grass, all of a sudden, is growing out of

Stubborn. Perfect’s sunrays have beamed brighter than ever before.

They have bonded closer than they ever have for the first time.)




Mija! I understand that you’re going through a lot.  You have to communicate on how you feel.  I didn’t kow that you in so much pain and hurt and so angry.  It’s my job to protect you.  I will listen to you and pay more attention to you and support you in everything that you do. I just want you to be happy and don’t have to feel you need to hang around those raggedy boy trees. I love you and I’ll always love you. Don’t ever forget that!  We got work to do and this is the beginning of it because nothing’s more important than peace, love, and family and understanding.