Meet Anthony

Anthony Schlander with his Playwrighting Mentor Kelvin Han Yee in Juvenile Hall
Today Anthony is an entrepreneur whose sole purpose is to produce memorable events at the trendiest and hottest venues - from the Bay to LA, Hawaii, Las Vegas and beyond. Anthony has not only made a name for himself but also for his company - TONIC LIVE. For 8 years, Tonic Live has been successful and decorated as one of Northern California's premiere special events company. His work ethic, drive and determination are shown through the parties he produces. With sold out events and venues closing in at a 8,000+ attendance – Anthony has proven to be a veteran in the Bay Area's Nightlife. Being blessed with talent, skill and success is the recipe that makes Anthony, but his drive and determination keeps him going. One goal he has set is to challenge himself by presenting something never seen or done before; something that you will always remember as "Uniquely Tonic". However, he knows that there is much to learn and acquire especially from those who mentor him. It doesn't stop there, he is hungry but equally humble ...he is a mentee and a mentor. He helps develop other young entrepreneurs who are also interested in the nightlife & entertainment industry. In the recent years he has helped a few individuals & companies breakout and has an eye for potential in people. The pride he takes in his own success is shared with the pride he takes in his staff. So what’s next for this young entrepreneur? Its hard to say, but you can rest assured that it will be nothing less than great; by your definition and most importantly --his.  In May 2015 Anthony joined the EORO's Board of Directors.