Movin' On (2008)


A Play by Jordan G.




JACKA the WOLF, age 18, JACK the WOLF, age 52, Jacka’s father



The wilderness.  In a little camp site, but full of wolves.  It got a  playground    (tires, Frisbees, bean bags, punching bags, slides, baseballs, basketball,) a school, kitchen and lot of trees.


TIME: Summer, the day before Jacka turns 18 years old.


JACK  laying on his bearskin rug in front of the fireplace, when he hears his son            walk through the sliding door and walk right to the              back to his room.  JACK sits there a minute and thinks about his son’s history, about how his son used to be, how his son used to walk through the same sliding door and run and jump into his way.  He kept reminiscing but is interrupted by the loud music from his son’s room.





Man he must got me bent like a elbow!

 Walkin’ in my house, no Hi, no Hello!

He used to walk in and ask me to do favors.

But now he goes to the back a just wake up the neighbors

Askin’ me for favors every time he see me,

But when I got ‘em, he disappear like a genie.

I know, I know, gotta let boys be boys

But it out of hand now, time to hush up the noise.


                     (JACK walks in the room and his son don’t notice him.)



Son, can you turn it down?.... Son, can you turn it down?!



I hear you… I hear you.  You don’t have to yell.



You hear me alright.  I still can’t tell,

I don’t want to hear you right now I had a bad day

Plus what are you doin’ here anyway?        



I don’t come here to bother you, I’m doin’ my own thing.

I’m a doggone wolf that’s almost eighteen.

Listening to you is like letting a fat pig sing.



This is the real world.  You think you gon’ float,

But you gon’ find out real soon when the cannon sink your little boat.



What?  My boat gon’ sink?  I know you gon’ take that back

Man, this the Jack!  You just watch, I’ma be the leader of the pack.



Man, get in your right mind for a starter.

Please.  You can’t even take the sheep to some water.



I don’t understand why you always on me.

They say our blood’s thick, but it’s thinner than sliced salami.



So go down to the country and go cry to yo’ Mommy.



Like I said, I don’t need your money or your roof,

‘Cause tomorrow I’m a grown-ass wolf.  And I can get Doce.

And my people do the most grave the wolf pack and get ghost,

The star, the owner, the host.



Well get out my house.  You ain’t hardcore.

You can take your tour to the front door.

But don’t say I didn’t warn you before you walk out that door,

Thinkin’ you a Raider, but get stopped like Frank Gore.



I don’t know about you, but I look in the mirror.

I see things clearer.



Well I see things clear.



See, you don’t even listen.  Man, I’m out of here.


(JACKA leaves)



I don’t even know what’s the deal!  Do he know how I feel?

Give him everything he wants, he continues to steal.

What is wrong with him?

Corrupted by the new found culture,

His room is a mess with his Beowulf poster,

Man, I’m hot like a toaster!  Concerned like a doctor.

His mother try to tell him, but all he do is mock her.

I raise him right, ain’t no reason to try and act tuff,

But he’s steady gettin’ pulled by this pack stuff.

Please, he can’t even hunt down a cat

Let alone be the leader of a wolf pack.

I’m getting’ flash-backs of the things I used to do

He say he don’t fight at school but I know that ain’t true.

I want to send him to a camp just to see what that do

But he’ll look at me like I’m boo boo the foo.

He need to do right, but who I’m telling

So the first thing I need to do is start splittin’ his melon

Or maybe try yellin’, get wolf tickets and start sellin’

But I need to turn his life around before he’s a felon.



Yeah it’s the Jack, yeah I’m a go getta,

On top of that I’m a lie’ya and a stell-a.

My Pops think I’m weak, not known I’m the real-a,

Go hard like Beowulf, plus a Beast like a gorilla.

Stay on point like a cone, in these streets I want to roam,

So give this wolf a bone and just let the wolf roam.

I was raised to bite back, know to fight back, roll with the wolf pack

But Daddy don’t like that, got me feeling trap

So I open up my mind, do things on my own time,

Stay on my own grind, doing things in no time.

Don’t care about feel-back ‘cause I show I don’t feel that,

So I started the wolf pack, me and compadre Lil’ Black.

Started fightin’ my enemies, on their nerves like a many fleas,

                        (JACK overhears his son and walks up on him)


JACKA (continued)

In a group like a pack of bees, growin’ tall like sequoia trees.

My dad call me Joke, but the pack calls me Lil’ J.

Pops wants a good kid, but I’ma do things my way, 

But hey!  This is my dad sayin’ this!

On the outside I don’t care, but on the inside I feel piss.

Maybe I need to stop lyin’, stop getting into trouble;

But when it’s his way, it’s like a rat in a bubble.

Over and over, same thing every day,

“You need to take responsibility! And do it the right way.”

But what would my friends think?

They will be so shocked that it will be hard to blink.

But me and my dad are still linked.



Jacka, Jacka, Jack.  I’m here to help you.  Come back.

You know I got your back like a chiropract.

But you gotta understand that hunting stuff is whack.

I mean, what would happen if you got attacked?



I know I can do it, but I need your help.

But when you don’t help, I just keep to myself.

Maybe I need you and my mother.

It don’t hurt to try, let’s do this together.



I worried about you going out to do stuff like that,

Because I’m not used to you being so big.

When you were a kid, you was the one played with the pig.

But I don’t forget all the things you done.

But no matter what, you will still be my son.

But I’m just not ready for you to do stuff like that all the time.

But just stay on a positive note and you be fine.

It’s not just you, it’s a part of me.

But I tell you it’s not good as I can see.

But I’ma let you do you, and me do me.

‘Cause you can be anything that you want to be

And if that’s what you want, then I agree.


(They hug.)



Thanks Pops.