Laurel Freeman


Laurel is a consultant and activist on teen issues who is committed to improving the lives of teens in the juvenile justice system. In 1997, while still in college, she began working for The SAGE Project, an internationally recognized human rights organization that fights the commercial sexual exploitation and prostitution of youth. As a result of her work fighting exploitation, she conducted her own original research for a senior thesis entitled Girl Prostitutes in the San Francisco Juvenile Justice System, which was later used by local and international agencies to address issues of exploited youth in the criminal justice system. She graduated from Mills College with honors and obtained a BA degree in Anthropology and Sociology.

Since leaving SAGE after 12 years of involvement with the organization as a counselor, program director, and administrator of a safe house for girls,Laurel has remained dedicated to working with system involved youth, with a specific focus on preventing exploitation, domestic violence, and teen pregnancy. She uses her own experiences as a troubled teenager to provide crisis counseling and Life Skills workshops for teens that address issues such as healthy relationships, STDs and birth control, goal setting, and sexual assault, exploitation, and pregnancy prevention. Laurel has a real world; real talk style of teaching that engages teens in the process of thinking for themselves and making healthier choices as they move toward adulthood.