Camp Kemp



Alexia O., By Any Means Necessary (2014)

Alexandriah, Snazzle Daazzle the Star (2010)

Alicia M., Lovely Messed up Love Story (2010)

Ana N., Love Is Forealz (2014)

Carman, Truth Hurts (2008)

Cesia, When Life Takes Over and You Don't Relize it (2010)

Cielo V., Betrayed (2014)

Cindy B., Self Love (2014)

Deja M., Family First (2014)

Francesca, Broken Pieces (2010)

Gabrielle B., It's Not My Fault (2010)

Julie M., The Melody of Life (2008)

Kai, Kindness can be Hard (2008)

Marleana F., What Do I Do? (2010)

Nichole, Now or Never (2008) 

Parrisha B., Heaven Is Real (2014)

Priscilla C., Dream With Heart (2014)

Silvia D., Sent From Heaven (2014)

Sopannary B., Untitled (2014)

Stephanie V., The Hero (2008)